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Free Delivery over Rs. 750 | Easy Returns | WhatsApp Helpdesk +91-7223963311
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All Natural and Organic Garden Products

All Natural and Organic Garden Products

We are leading manufacturers and retailers of garden products with a vision to enable every home nurture health and happiness in life by growing plants. We have established ourselves as a trusted go to and reliable brand for garden products. We are highly focused on product quality and customer satisfaction, take every customer feedback seriously and continuously improve our products.

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It's one of the best Neem manure... I'm happy with the fine quality and right pricing. When you open the pack you can make out the genuineness from it's strong neem fragrance. It's to be mixed in a very little quantity in your potting soil. It helps the plant against many infestations. I would recommend people to go for it. 👍🌱🌴🌲🌵🌸🌺🌹

Ashnav Saxena

It is a good rose care product.
It works instantly we are getting good roses and the leaf are also getting good
Go for it.
Before using this I tried many other products.

Mohammed Adnan Noorani

Casa De Amor Perlite granules are not too small and uniform. The quantity is good and the package was shipped well. It has helped immensely in improving the soil for succulents. I have reused the granules multiple times and they still hold shape and form.

Shweta Amit Nare

The soil did wonders for my adenium plants after I re-potted them with this soil. It is a well draining soil with all the nutrients available for propagating adenium from seeds also. I have purchased it twice!

Pratikshya Borah

Casa De Amor mustard oil cake powder is in fine granular form. The product is very easy to apply directly to the plants. The directions of use are nicely described on the cover of the packet.

Archana Sharma

It arrived in a VERY good packaging and the peat moss inside was soft af and slightly moist and I used it to plant my baby african violets who are now so comfortably sitting on my desk as I play bongos for them. It's wholesome. Plants are so good.

Abhishek R

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