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Casa De Amor Bougainvillea Plant Fertilizer, Promotes More Blooms and Greater Color

Casa De Amor Bougainvillea Plant Fertilizer, Promotes More Blooms and Greater Color

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  • 🌺 Promotes abundant blooms and vibrant colors in Bougainvillea plants 
  • 🌿 All-natural and organic ingredients for optimal plant health and growth 
  • 🌸 Suitable for all Bougainvillea varieties, ensuring stunning results every time 
  • 💪 Special flower hormone booster for enhanced flowering performance 
  • 🌱 Easy to use: Simply apply 50 gm of fertilizer to the topsoil and water regularly 💚 


 Dose and Application
  • 💧 Application: Add 50 gm of Casa De Amor Bougainvillea Plant Fertilizer to the top 1-2 inches of soil in your pot.
  • 🌱 Mix it well and ensure it is evenly distributed around the plant's root zone.
  • 🌞 Water the plant immediately after application.
  • 🔄 Repeat the process every week to ensure consistent nourishment and growth.
  • 🌿 Use the fertilizer generously, as there are no adverse effects of over-dosing.

Casa De Amor Bougainvillea Plant Fertilizer is specially formulated to promote more blooms and vibrant colors in your Bougainvillea plants. With essential ingredients and a flower hormone booster, it ensures the best quality flowering and growth. Suitable for all Bougainvillea varieties, this organic fertilizer provides optimal nourishment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Immediate results!

My plant had stopped flowering for 8-9months. Was skeptical when I saw this solution & didn't expect any results as by now I had tried everything.

But in 1 week I saw results....small flowers coming in both my plants. Sheer joy to see the product work as advertised.

Very good product - Bougain vaillea

Its a good Product - helps in growth and good flowering

Jyoti Baruah

It is too early to review a product. . But i think it is good. . Because your other products I have already purchased results very good