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Casa De Amor Root Care VAM Mycorrhiza Organic Plant Fertilizer and Root Growth Booster

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Size: 900 gm
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  • Weight 900 gm
  • Promotes Plant Growth by making Roots 10 times stronger
  • Improved soil texture & structure with reduced soil erosion
  • Secondary disease controlling agent and enhanced resistance to root related diseases
  • Increase resistance against drought, salinity, heavy metal and other abiotic stresses
  • Enhanced Uptake of Nutrients and water
  • Profuse root development
  • More tillering
  • Better Soil Texture
  • Increased nutrient & water uptake
  • Better Seeding establishment
  • Alleviation of stress tolerance
  • Higher yield and better quality produce

Benefits of Casa De Amor Root Care

  • Profuse root development & Better Soil Texture.
  • Increased water uptake.
  • Better Seeding establishment.
  • Higher yield & better quality produce.
  • Alleviation of stress tolerance & More tillering.

Flower Plants, Paddy, Sugarcane, Wheat, Oil Seed & Pulses, Onion, Potato, Grapes, Chilli, Soyabean, Apple, Citrus, Cotton, Maize and Vegetables.

Casa De Amor Mycorrhiza (VAM) is a unique type of fungi having a symbiotic relationship with the roots of plants. It is believed that the development of the Vascular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza is root-associated fungi that promote root growth. Enhance fertilizer use, especially phosphorous & micronutrients. Beneficial for the development of root body of plant For all crops. 

  • Increase nutrient accessibility
  • Promotes more efficient use of water and nutrients
  • Promotes better stress tolerance to heat and dehydration
  • More noticeable plant sustainability
  • Has helped grow 10 of the world record-breaking pumpkins
  • Better ingredients and more microbes mean more efficient gardens
  • With added Calcium, your plant has protection against blossom end rot
  • Turn any soil into a SUPER SOIL