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Casa De Amor Hydroponics Deep Water Culture (DWC) Kit for 5 Plants, Exotic Leafy & Herbs, Perfect at Home Kit for Hydroponic Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

Casa De Amor Hydroponics Deep Water Culture (DWC) Kit for 5 Plants, Exotic Leafy & Herbs, Perfect at Home Kit for Hydroponic Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

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Hydroponics- NFT: Amazon


  • GROWING CAPACITY: 5 Plants at a time
  • USAGE: Suitable for all plants
  • GROW: Leafy greens, veggies, and herbs
  • IDEAL PLACEMENT: Inside the house
  • MATERIAL: Food-grade PVC
  • DIMENSIONS: 60 * 10 * 6.5 Cm
  • HYDROPONICS: Deep Water Culture
  • IDEAL TO GROW: Leafy Greens / Herbs / Decorative Plants

What is in the box?

Hydroponics NFT Chennel  1
Bottle of Nutrients  5
Air Pump with Tube  1
Air Stone  1
Packet of Seeds  3
Clay Balls (LECA)  1 Packet (150 gm)
Seed Germination Peat Pellets  10 pcs
Net Pots  5 Black & 5 White
An Instruction leaflet to get you started  1
  • ALL- INCLUSIVE HYDROPONICS KIT: NFT channel with 5 planting holes, 3 seed varieties, 5 Hydroponic nutrients (100ml each), 5 Black & 5 White Net pots, 10 Coir Pellets, and 150gm Fly Ash (LECA), Air Pump with Tube, Air Stone and Instruction Guide Pamphlet included.
  • PLACE IT ANYWHERE – This hydroponic system is extremely easy to set up and made to look aesthetic and ideal to grow indoors. You can place it anywhere in the house – on the window sill, on your table, on the balcony, or even in the office.
  • ALL IN ONE – all-inclusive hydroponics kit for home or office that comes with net pots, clay balls, air pump, nutrients, and even seeds. The instructions booklet is also provided to get you started.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: DWC system with an easily accessible design for convenient water level checks and straightforward cleaning, simplifying the upkeep process for users.
  • DIVERSE PLANTING OPPORTUNITIES: Grow a spectrum of greens, from traditional Indian varieties to exotic options, thriving with just 5-6 hours of sunlight each day for a flourishing hydroponic garden.

Elevate your gardening experience with the Casa De Amor Hydroponic Kit - a complete solution for home cultivation. This user-friendly kit includes an NFT channel, 3 seed varieties, and vital nutrients, making it perfect for beginners and space-conscious urban gardeners. Crafted from safe, lead-free plastic, the DWC system ensures healthy plant growth without leaching harmful chemicals. Easy to maintain, this kit offers a diverse range of planting options, from traditional Indian greens to exotic varieties. Learn and thrive in hydroponics with a budget-friendly, educational, and premium-quality solution that brings the joy of gardening to your doorstep.

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