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Casa De Amor

Casa De Amor Shade Net- Garden Netting Green House Agro UV Stabilized

Casa De Amor Shade Net- Garden Netting Green House Agro UV Stabilized

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  • Shade Net 50%
  • Green Shade net Boosts Plant Growth, because it mimics forest canopy cover, and stimulates 'competition' in plants to grow faster than other plants
  • Very Durable, Best Quality
  • Protect to direct sun rays.
  • Longer life durability.
  • Sun protection and dust protection netting.
  • Usable in garden and farm plants for UV sun protection.
  • Usable in window, gallery and balcony cover.
  • Usable for car cover for dust protection and sun protection.
  • Usable industrial machinery covers.
  • Usable for stop working construction part.
  • Usable for home roof shade to protect sun rays.
  • Usable for indoor outdoor curtain.
Note:- Item color is green but can be changed normally light green or dark green.

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