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Casa De Amor Natural Potting Soil Mix with Organic Fertilizer for Flowers, Vegetables and Air Purifier Plants

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Casa De Amor Organic Potting Soil is a unique mixture of a well -balanced organic fertilizers & insecticide. It is rich in all essential plant nutrients which provide a perfect and healthy medium, needed for optimum plant growth. It is an odorless, clean, organic material containing adequate quantities of N, P, K and several micro-nutrients essential for plant growth. It acts as an excellent soil medium and can completely replace mud or can be mixed with existing mud.


  • All Purpose Organic Potting Soil, with Durable Planter Bucket
  • Organic Enriched with beneficial microbes - Azospirillum, Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria, Pseudomonas Species, Trichoderma.
  • Contains Cow dung, Neem Cake, Cotton Seed Meal, Karanj cake, Vermi compost and Compost to provide the Right Nourishment to the Plants.
  • It contains essential nutrients in the form of natural compost and natural fibrous and mineral substances for moisture retention.
  • Because it is Organic, Vegetables and Fruits grown with Casa De Amor Organic Potting Soil are safe, healthy and tasty.
  • Provides Nutrients, Absorbs and Retains moisture in a healthy way.
  • Odorless and a Delight to work with. No Need to add any soil, compost etc, it is ready to use.
  • Neutral pH, making it suitable for a vast range of plants in all categories such as ornamental, herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruit plants etc.

Benefits of Casa De Amor Potting Soil

  • Ideal for growing, vegetable, flower, herb.
  • Its anti fungal property helps the plants to grow healthy.
  • Contains microbes which enhance the soil properties.
  • Completely organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals.
  • Has good water holding capacity.
  • Ready to Use & Good for saplings.
  • It is lightweight and easily maintainable.
  • Our potting soil is clean and without stain. So no need to worry about soil stains.


The potting soil is organic and without chemical. It contains microbes which enhance soil properties. So there is no risk of health hazards.


This potting soil from Casa De Amor contains micro and macro-nutrients which are essential for the growth of plants. Nutrient-rich soil helps the plant give a good yield.


This potting soil has good water holding capacity. So the plants get much time to absorb the nutrients present in the water.