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Casa De Amor Diatomaceous Earth | Eco Magic | Organic Eco Friendly Safe Pest Control

Casa De Amor Diatomaceous Earth | Eco Magic | Organic Eco Friendly Safe Pest Control

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  • ery Effective Natural, Eco-friendly Safe Pest Control for Garden and Household Insects, & Pet Ticks
  • Dog Ticks die in 2 days, completely safe for Dogs, Apply Dry powder only and dust off, don't apply water / bathe the dog for two days.
  • No Smell, Non-toxic, and Perfectly Safe for Adults and Kids at home.
  • Insects can not develop immunity against it, since it kills them mechanically by damaging their cuticle and dehydrating them. Just sprinkle it thoroughly in affected areas such as plant leaves or around plants, or rub it thoroughly on your dog's body, for bed bugs sprinkle it in the nooks and corners of your bed mattress and wooden structure below it.
  • Ensure that sprinkled powder is kept dry for 2-3 days so that insects come in direct touch with the powder.
  • Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring mineral that has several domestic and industrial uses. It contains trace minerals including calcium, potassium, copper, zinc, iron, phosphorus, and selenium. Diatomaceous Earth is also a good soil conditioner.



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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Pradeep NAYAK

    Seems to harmless. Has no odour.

    Bhushan Das
    It works. Just give it some time.

    Always use mask while handling Daitomacious Earth powder. Your stomach can handle it but your lungs can't.
    Points to be noted:
    1) Food grade and safe to use around kids or pets.
    2) Actually works on bedbugs. (It takes time to get rid of bed bugs but prolonged use of this can drastically reduce the problem.)
    3) As I said on previous point that it takes time. So, make sure you use this powder every 3-4 days (put it on again where it has been dusted off). Use it under matress, in cracks of bed, if there's hole in your matress the just fill it in with this powder.

    TLDR: It works just give it some time and use it after every 3-4 days.

    Best BED Bug Control Product

    I have tried several bed Bug Control Products, but all of them failed The only one that helped me is Casa De Amor Bed Bug Control Concentrate and Neem Treated DE Powder. Using both these products has helped me control the bed bug problem in my house.
    Moreover these products are organic ,completely non toxic and safe even for children.They smell good too as they use only plant and spice oils. I strongly recommend you to use these products if you want to get rid of bed bugs in your house.

    Lokesh Chhabra
    Wonderful product

    Works well. Just spray it liberally in all corners and hidden places. The bugs would die within few hours of walking over this. Clean after 10-12 days and reapply.
    Used this after spraying liquid bug killer and we could see almost 3-4 dead dried bugs up to 10 days thereafter.

    Abhik Banerjee
    Works 100%

    Absolutely LOVE it. Best & only truly effective product. I had a horrible tick infestation in the house, tried everything, nothing worked... sprinkled this DE powder around the house in areas where ticks could hide & have had instant relief. Better than doing pest control.