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Casa De Amor Watering Garden Hose Holder Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mount Hanging (Pack of 1)

Casa De Amor Watering Garden Hose Holder Indoor/Outdoor Wall Mount Hanging (Pack of 1)

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Product Dimensions 📏:

  • Height: 23 cm
  • Width: 18 cm
  • Length: 33 cm

Note: Pipe is not included with holder.

High Quality Features ⚙️:

  • Made from solid gauge powder coated steel for durability 💪
  • Extra support enhances weight-bearing capacity, preventing sagging and extending hose life 🌊
  • Prevents hoses from twisting, kinking, or getting tangled 🚫
  • Durable powder coat finish for weather-resistant use 🌦️

Casa de Amor Watering Hose Reel Design 🌺:

  • Adds tasteful style and flair to your garden, yard, lawn, backyard 🌳
  • Beautiful design that enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor space 🌸


  1. Hose Storage and Management: The primary use is to securely store and manage hoses, preventing curls, kinks, and tangles. This ensures a tidy and well-maintained yard or garden.

  2. Extended Hose Life: By eliminating stress on hoses, the holder extends their lifespan, reducing the frequency of replacements and saving on costs.

  3. Tool Organization: It can be utilized to organize other coiled items such as electrical wiring, air hoses, or similar tools. This promotes a clutter-free space and facilitates easy access.

  4. Space Optimization: Wall-mounted design helps optimize space in garages, sheds, or outdoor areas. It keeps tools off the ground, making the area more accessible and visually appealing.

  5. Prevention of Sagging: The heavy steel construction provides strong support, preventing sagging of hoses or other coiled items. This structural integrity ensures long-term reliability.

  6. Enhanced Work Efficiency: With tools and hoses easily accessible and organized, the holder contributes to a more efficient work environment. It saves time that would otherwise be spent untangling or searching for equipment.

  7. Weather Resistance: The durable powder coat finish makes the holder weather-resistant, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This feature adds to its longevity and functionality.

  8. Aesthetic Improvement: The design of the hose holder adds a touch of style and organization to your outdoor space, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of your yard or garden.

Whether used for hoses or other coiled items, the wall-mounted heavy steel hose holder is a versatile solution for maintaining an organized and efficient workspace. 🌿🔗

Upgrade your garden game with Casa de Amor! 🌿✨

The Casa de Amor Watering Hose Reel is a great addition to your outdoor space, featuring a solid gauge powder-coated steel construction for lasting durability. Its enhanced weight-bearing capacity prevents sagging, while the twist-resistant technology ensures your hose never gets tangled. With the stylish garden decoration design, the reel adds a fashionable flair to your yard or lawn.

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