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Casa De Amor Vegetable Grow Kit (Combo Pack- 7 in 1)

Casa De Amor Vegetable Grow Kit (Combo Pack- 7 in 1)

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Vegetable is a kitchen garden staple that everyone should try growing at home. Here’s all you need to start growing vegetable at home.

This kit includes:
  1. Veggie Potting Soil Mix - 5 Kg
  2. Decomposed Cocopeat - 1 Kg 
  3. Green Grow HDPE Bags - 4 Pcs
  4. Vegetable Fertilizer - 900 gm
  5. Mini Gardening Tools - Set of 3
  6. Vegetable Seeds - Pack of 4
  7. Seaweed Liquid - (100 ml

Elevate your home gardening game with our comprehensive Vegetable Grow Kit (Combo Pack - 7 in 1). Whether you're a seasoned green thumb or just starting your gardening journey, this kit has everything you need to cultivate fresh, delicious vegetables right in the comfort of your home.

  1. Veggie Potting Soil Mix (5 Kg): Our nutrient-rich potting soil mix is specially formulated to provide the perfect environment for your vegetables to thrive. It's the foundation of your garden's success.

  2. Decomposed Cocopeat (1 Kg): Cocopeat is a natural, eco-friendly soil conditioner that retains moisture, promotes aeration, and aids in root development. It's the secret to healthy, robust plants.

  3. Green Grow HDPE Bags (4 Pcs): These durable, reusable grow bags are designed for optimal drainage and air circulation, ensuring your vegetables receive the ideal growing conditions.

  4. Vegetable Fertilizer (900 gm): Nourish your plants with our specially formulated fertilizer, enriched with essential nutrients to support growth, flowering, and fruiting. Your veggies will thank you with bountiful harvests.

  5. Mini Gardening Tools (Set of 3): Our compact, ergonomic gardening tools are perfect for tending to your vegetable garden. They make planting, weeding, and pruning a breeze, even in small spaces.

  6. Vegetable Seeds (Pack of 4): Grow a variety of your favorite vegetables with our carefully selected seed pack. From crunchy cucumbers to juicy tomatoes, you'll have a diverse range to choose from.

  7. Seaweed Liquid (100 ml): Boost your plants' immunity and overall health with our organic seaweed liquid. It's a natural wonder that promotes vigorous growth and increased resistance to pests and diseases.

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