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Casa De Amor Natural & Mineral Rock Phosphate Fertilizer All Purpose Crushed Powder for Fruiting and Flowering Plants

Casa De Amor Natural & Mineral Rock Phosphate Fertilizer All Purpose Crushed Powder for Fruiting and Flowering Plants

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  • 🌱 Rich source of nutrients, including phosphorus, for fruiting and flowering plants.
  • 🌿 Enhances soil structure and water-holding capacity.
  • 🌼 All-natural and organic, free from harmful chemicals.
  • 💎 Contains phosphorite, phosphate rock, and other beneficial minerals.
  • 🌱 Supports sustainable farming practices by reducing reliance on inorganic fertilizers.

Application and dose
  1.  Mix with soil near the plants.
  2. Add 4 teaspoons per plant, adjusting for larger plants as needed.
  3. Apply monthly, increasing quantity and frequency gradually based on plant size and needs.
  4. Start with a smaller quantity and gradually increase for optimal results.

Note: As with any fertilizer, always follow the recommended dosage and guidelines for best results.

Remember, nature holds the key to vibrant and healthy plants. Choose Natural & Mineral Rock Phosphate for sustainable and thriving gardens! 🌿🌱


Unlock the power of nature with our Natural & Mineral Rock Phosphate. This rich source of phosphorus is derived from natural minerals, avoiding the use of harmful inorganic fertilizers that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to increasing soil phosphorus levels, it enriches the soil with other essential nutrients. Studies have shown that our rock phosphate enhances soil quality by improving calcium and magnesium content, increasing carbon accumulation, and promoting resistance to erosion. Our blend of rock powders, biostimulants, carbons, and live microbes ensures optimal plant nutrition and growth.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Vikash Dubey
Quality material

I am getting very good results using rock phosphate from casa de amor. The quality provided is excellent

Works good on brown spotd

My banana plant was getting brown spots. After using this ... No more brown spots