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Casa De Amor Organic NPK Bio Fertilizer Granules, Perfect to Use on All Plants and Gardening

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Size: 250 gm
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  • Prevents Flowers and Fruit Dropping and Improves Vegetative Growth the Quality of Flower, Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Bulbs, Green Leaves, and Latex.
  • Increase the Pest & Disease Resistance and more Organic Carbon is present, which increases the productivity and growth quality of plants
  • It contains selective strains of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, PSB, and potash mobilizing Bacteria which helps to improve the availability of NPK to crops. mobilize & convert insoluble potash to soluble potash & makes it available to plants.
  • Phosphobacteria present in Granules NPK Bio Fertilizer consortia helps the crops to get a high amount of phosphorus in the available form that Improves the growth of roots and other parts of plants.
  • Bacteria present in the granules consortium also produce certain substances, Growth hormones & Organic acids which further stimulate plant growth resulting in more crop production.
  • The best fertilizer for garden area and farming of flowers, fruits, and green vegetables” Benefits: Helps in roots development. Best quality and increased yield. Increases fertility of the soil. Non-toxic and Eco-friendly. Rich in NPK and Organic Carbon. Application: In every 15-20 days, it must be applied to plants for better growth according to plant size.