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Casa De Amor Natural Coconut Husk Chip Fiber for Orchids, Anthurium, Mulch, Reptile Bedding, Potting Soil Mix for Indoor & Outdoor, Growing Media

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Size: 500 gm
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  • REDUCE WATERING FREQUENCY - Our bark mulch soil greatly reduces water evaporation and increases moisture retention so tropical houseplants require less watering
  • PLANT ROOT PROTECTION - Mulch serves as an insulated shady covering for potting soil stopping plant roots from overheating during the summer. Mulch also helps insulate roots during the winter months
  • BEAUTIFUL SOIL COVERING - Add visual consistency to your indoor potted plant garden with house plant mulch while also providing a natural mulch weed cover - chips are longer lasting than coconut coir or shavings.
  • DETER CRITTERS NATURALLY - Creates a less than ideal habitat for cats, gnats, and fungus.
  • SOURCED SUSTAINABLY - Bark originates from sustainable pine forests in New Zealand. The mulch has a more natural look than moss and serves as a longer-lasting alternative for plants. Our bark is processed with high heat and aging to remove pathogens and allow beneficial microorganisms to flourish.
  • COIR BEDDING FOR REPTILES-  Use this pack of bedding chips to create a comfortable living environment for your pet.
  • FOR SMALL ANIMALS: Natural coir is the ideal bedding for a wide variety of small pets such as a frog, snake, salamander, gerbil, hamster, and guinea pig.
  • BENEFITS FOR HOME GARDENERS- Coco Coir Chips absorb water and stay moist for quite some time so need less watering than bark. Ideal for gardeners who are too busy to remember, or for people who travel often, or for someone who wants more free time enjoying the garden instead of caring for plants. It's a great choice for gardeners.