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Casa De Amor Biochar Perfect Soil Amendment for Gardening (900 gm)

Casa De Amor Biochar Perfect Soil Amendment for Gardening (900 gm)

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Biochar is a special kind of charcoal that seems to have many benefits as a soil amendment. It holds water, acts like a fertilizer and grows bigger plants. While doing all this it is also eco-friendly and sequesters carbon in the soil for many thousands of years. Sounds like a win-win-win.

Benefits of Biochar

  • Increase yields
  • Increase fertilizer efficiency
  • Remove pollutants and pesticides
  • Mitigate climate change
  • Increase soil moisture
  • Increase soil pH
  • Increase soil microbe populations
  • Increase cation exchange of soil

🌿 Biochar: The Eco-Friendly Soil Amendment:

  • Biochar is a special type of charcoal with numerous soil benefits.
  • Acts as a water retainer, fertilizer enhancer, and promotes plant growth.
  • Eco-friendly and sequesters carbon in the soil for thousands of years.

🌱 Benefits of Biochar:

  • Increases crop yields.
  • Enhances fertilizer efficiency.
  • Removes pollutants and pesticides from soil.
  • Mitigates climate change by sequestering carbon.
  • Increases soil moisture retention.
  • Raises soil pH for optimal plant growth.
  • Boosts soil microbe populations, supporting ecosystem health.
  • Enhances cation exchange capacity in soil.

🌍 Eco-Friendly Organic Amendment:

  • 100% organic soil conditioner made from biomass through pyrolysis.
  • Stable carbon-rich solid that persists in the soil for an extended period.
  • Benefits soil and plant health, increases yields, and prevents nutrient runoff.
  • Reduces contamination and pollution in the environment.
  • Aids plants during drought periods, making it ideal for organic food production.
  • Suitable for various applications: vegetables, flowers, fruits, home gardens, lawns, trees, and shrubs.

Using Biochar is a sustainable choice that benefits both your plants and the environment. 🌱🌍🌿

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