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Casa De Amor Air Pot/Right Pot Black Color Containers (Set of 2)

Casa De Amor Air Pot/Right Pot Black Color Containers (Set of 2)

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The main challenge for growing plants in containers is watering. The new revolutionary “RIGHT / AIR POT” solves this problem entirely.
The design and the configuration of the “RIGHT/ AIR POT” help to achieve the following:
  • There is 100% Aeration due to the number of holes.
  • Due to the number of holes water does not stagnate, excess water drains easily. The water holding is defined by the water holding capacity of the media.
  • The configurations of the holes guide the roots to the holes. As the roots emerge out they get air pruned. This helps in the formation of secondary and territory roots.
  • The quantum increase in the roots helps in easy and effective absorption of nutrients resulting in better growth of plants.
  • Eliminates curling of tap-root.
  • Eliminates the need for repotting due to compaction.
  • Made from recyclable plastic therefore eco-friendly.
  • Easy to transplant into large pots.
  • There are several sizes for different applications.
The above properties help and make the “RIGHT/ AIR POT” suitable for the following application.
  • Nurseries of potted plants.
  • Soilless cultivation of Roses. Gerbera, Chrysanthemum etc commercially.
  • For growing large tree species.
  • For terrace gardening for growing of fruit plants like Guava, Pomegranate, Chikkoo, Custard apple, Apple, Grapes, Mango etc.
  • Can be used as a trough for growing Avenue trees.
  • Can be used for making flower beds of different shapes and sizes.
  • Can be used as a growing container for growing grapes, pomegranate in the open field commercially where soil quality is not good.
  • For temporary transplanting of grown-up avenue trees.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Mithilesh Bhosale
    Excellent & Durable Product

    This Product is very good for Gardening. It is durable, allows excess water to drain off. Because of good aeration, it’s very useful for the fast growth of the plants.

    Right pot for your garden

    Absolutely perfect Pot for your garden. Better growth of the plants as compared to the normal pots due to good natural aeration to roots. Looking for this product for so many days. Finally got it 5 days before the estimated delivery date.