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Casa De Amor 20W e27 LED Grow Bulbs with Gooseneck Lamp Holder (White)

Casa De Amor 20W e27 LED Grow Bulbs with Gooseneck Lamp Holder (White)

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  • RED LIGHT : (610-720 nm) promote plant blooming, and fruiting, and increases the yield.
  • BLUE LIGHT: (400-520 nm) promote photosynthesis and makes the plant healthier.
  • IR LIGHT: (720-800 nm) promotes cell division and improves growth in both vegetation and flowering phases.
  • UV LIGHT: (380-400 nm) sterilizes growth and kills bacteria promoting plant growth and producing healthy flowers.
  • Efficient Extended Spectrum Grow Light- This growth light is perfect for all stages of plant growth. The Light consists of FULL SPECTRUM WHITE, 660NM RED, 630NM Deep RED, 450NM BLUE, 390NM UV, and 730NM IR LED Chips thus providing plants with the right wavelengths for photosynthesis. The light promotes photosynthesis, germination, blooming, fruiting, and increase yield, and also ensures plants take in more energy through the synthesis of chlorophyll to help in germination.
  • The 20-inch (longest in its segment) flexible Gooseneck can be easily adjusted to provide more lighting for your plants using the best angle. These High-quality LED chips have been uniquely designed to improve luminous efficiency and deliver a higher PAR/lumen output.
  • REAL 20W POWER-Test it to believe it | 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Product Description

Making In India!

We here while researching plants and their relationship with light have potentially developed ours know? how base. Our advanced R&D coupled with an innovative (as our name says) approach is now dedicated to bringing differentiated, high-quality products to revolutionize Horticulture. light culture.

We offer a wide range of proven grow light products and thus enable growers to consistently and sustainably produce crops of higher quality.


Optically Engineered Products to deliver light precisely where needed and nowhere else

Our products are easy to install

And most importantly our research says we are the competitive best (w.r.t PPF/Watt output) when it comes to plants that taste better, last longer and take less energy to grow.

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