Ways you can help birds this summer

Ways you can help birds this summer

Summer is going to be very tough for the birds. Unlike humans, birds don’t have sweating grinds that is why they are not able to fight the summer heat. Being a human you have the power and source to save the birds, so make the decision and take the step on how to help the birds this summer.

The hottest summer days can leave birds extra warm, but fortunately, there are many easy, effective ways nature lovers can help birds keep cool even when temperatures rise.

  • Provide them with extra water

Bird drinking water

If you are a true nature lover you may be already keeping water and food for birds the whole year but during summertime when the heat is at its peak they require more water. Giving birds extra water for drinking and bathing is the best way to help them keep cool. Add multiple bird baths to the yard, including ground-level basins, pedestal baths, and hanging baths or waterers. This will give different birds different options for accessing water, and provide more bathing and drinking space for every feathered visitor.


  • Provide a handmade nest for them

Bird Nest

The Sunlight is very hard to tolerate for birds; you can help them by taking some clothes, paper, and dried plants. Here, birds can protect themselves from the summer heat and take a rest for some time.

You can also bring a nest box from the market;  you don’t have time to take then take a birdcage online.


  • Provide them with good food

Bird Eating Food

In the summer heat, it becomes almost impossible for birds to go in search of food. Many times they die due to the lack of food and water. So, the very first thing you need to do is to provide some water and food to the birds.

Taking some bird food online is a good and instant option. Make sure that you have taken fresh food and water in a clean container or bowl. The size of a container should be in the way so that birds can eat and drink from the vassal easily.


  • Make some habitat for them

Birds habitat

Birds  need a place to live; it becomes almost compulsory during the summer. City parks and open sites are best for birds. Work to recreate the habitat that once existed once in your area or try to establish it in the new space. Grow climber plants at your house as they help provide shelter to small birds.

Plant trees such as pipal and Jamun. They not only provide shelter and nesting space for birds but also yield fruits that birds can eat.


These gestures of kindness will not take up much of your time but will end up helping birds in a big way. So this summer, let’s pledge to keep some water aside for our cute little feathered friends, too!

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