Top 7 hanging plants for Indoor Home Decor

Top 7 hanging plants for Indoor Home Decor

Are you someone who loves to bring a Piece of nature indoors? Is hanging plants indoors something that fascinates you? Hanging plants has been a trend from the past, but recently people are experimenting with this trend to add a touch of greenery to their indoors while also maximizing their space.  And with many creatively styled plant hangers available in the market, you’ve got the choice to give your home a twist with hanging plants. From the Bohemian hangers that gives an Indian touch to minimalistic air hangers that give a modern twist to your indoors- you’ve got plenty of options. 
Want to know the best hanging plants for your indoor space? We’ve got you covered in this article.

Best Indoor Hanging Plants:

  1. Air Plants:

Air Plants are very flexible, and it also requires low maintenance. The plant doesn’t require any soil or earth pot for growing.  Minimal care IS enough to maintain this hanging plant and it only requires persistent light and weekly watering. You could style it up on glass terrariums or hang them with holders at some best-lit spot of your home.

2. Orchid:

Orchids are beautiful and fragrant flowers of different colours.  You can hang your orchid in an overhead basket, and watch it cascade down into a beautiful waterfall of flowers. Orchids too are low-maintenance plants although you might have to take care of air-circulation and also keep in view about the type of orchids you’re planning to hang. If you’re someone who love to have flower-plants indoors- orchids can be the best choice!



3.Boston Fern:

Boston Ferns are one of India’s traditional indoor hanging plants.  Along with styling you’re indoors, it’s known to have great air-purifying properties that bring an aura of peace indoors. The best way to display a Boston fern is in a hanging basket and really adds beauty to the spot because of their feathery fronds.  But you need to ensure that these plants are hanged lower from the ceiling to let proper air circulation.  These plants require moist soil but it needs to be made sure it isn’t soggy. 



4. English IVY:

English IVY is a common plant in homes found in building exteriors. Their glossy leaves creep along the ground to cover the bricks and stone walls of the building. These plants thrive in cool temperatures and are best for having a large space in the home as it grows very long.

English ivy

5. Spider Plant:

Spider plants are bright green in colour and have white tinge on the edges. The leaves are very long, and have a thin curved shape.  It has a slightly oily texture that glistens in bright light, and is definitely a sight to behold.  This plant is perfect for covering empty space in your home and even better as a hanging plant.


6. Golden Pathos:

 Golden pathos is the most popular and world's most selling indoor hanging plant. The best way to display this graceful frond plant is definitely in a hanging basket (as many experts believe). It purifies the airborne toxins and adds to the quality of indoor air. This plant needs only minimal care and it can thrive without much water and light.

7. String of Pearls:

String of pearls is a beautiful plant with distinctive look that thrives in a dry and warm environment.  Their leaves seem like green pearls that beautifully cascade from the hanging basket adding elegance to your space. It is a perfect plant for homes to have high ceilings and empty vertical space.  This plant grows really quick and propagates easily in both indoor and outdoor home environments.


Get creative 

We’ve covered the most popular indoor hanging plants that probably make a great decor as well as purify the air quality. Try them and let us know how they look. Share your experience in the comment box below.

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