How to grow tomatoes in kitchen garden

How to grow tomatoes in kitchen garden

Nothing can beat the taste of freshly grown tomatoes in your kitchen garden. And imagine the pleasure it's going to provide to your eyes and soul. So, let's start soon as the monsoon is going to knock soon at your doors.

The first thing we need to work on is the pot or the garden bed, wherever you intend to plant the seeds. The pot should be around 20 inches. It should have a good drainage system. Tomatoes love slightly acidic PH, so, a good potting soil mix with good drainage properties will be preferred along with a PH range of 6.5 - 6.7.

How to grow tomato in kitchen garden

Here are some great tips and plans for growing tomatoes including how to plant tomatoes and fertilizing tomatoes, and tips for watering tomato plants.

There are so many great varieties from which to choose; from small cherry tomatoes, to medium sizes for salads and sauces, and large slicing varieties.


How to Plant Tomatoes


IT is time to plant tomatoes in the ground when the weather starts to warm, after all danger of frost has passed.

This is because growing tomatoes prefer 8 hours of sunlight a day at temperatures between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ideal conditions necessary for successfully growing tomatoes are soil pH levels of 6.5 to 6.7, presence of abundant organic fertilizer or compost in the soil, and deep planting.

If possible, till generous compost matter into the soil.

Depending on your choice of varieties to be planted, you will have to allocate space between plants from 12 inches apart (dwarf varieties) to 36 inches apart (trellised types).

Many gardeners recommending planting your tomato plants by laying them at a 45 degree angle, and covering not only the roots, but one half of the plant with soil.

Surprisingly, the tomato plant starts growing straight upwards in just a few days time.


Growing Tomatoes in Pots and Containers


Tomatoes make excellent container plants.

  • If you are limited for garden space, growing tomatoes in pots placed in a sunny location will provide an abundance of fruit.
  • Tomatoes are always a good choice when planning a container garden in a sunny location.
  • Use a good quality potting soil with added compost or fertilizer to fill your containers.
  • Immediately after you transplant your tomato plant, place a "tomato cage" over the small plant.

As your plant grows, it will have the necessary support in place to keep it upright, and to keep the branches from breaking.


Watering Tomato Plants and Tomato Fertilizer


As to water and fertilizer, just make sure that these are provided to your growing tomato plants in moderate quantities.

  • Organic tomato fertilizer can be either liquid  fertilizer, or organic compost and well-aged manure worked well into the soil.
  • Liquid  fertilizer works well when applied at 3 week intervals.
  • It also helps if you have planted your tomato plants in compost-enriched soil.
  • Once the plant is well established and small tomatoes are beginning to grow, it is not necessary or desirable to water as often. Infrequent deep watering is best at this point.
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