What exactly are Organic Fertilizers? Know the facts.

What exactly are Organic Fertilizers? Know the facts.

Many of us often hear a lot about organic products and fertilizers. Although, still people have confusion about what exactly organic fertilizers are? Let us explain. 

Vegetables grow naturally and it's a pretty straightforward process - You Sow seeds in the soil, water, and watch them grow into a healthy plant that produces vegetables or fruits. What really bothers are the icky pests that silently harms your garden in a way you never know. They eat crops, destroy roots and sometimes hamper the quality of soil. In such cases, you'll need fertilizers to restore the growth capability of plants and make the plants fertile again.  

 Fertilizers are chemical or natural substance that is applied in soil for enhancing plants growth and fortifying the soil physical structure. Lets understand in detail. 

What are Organic Fertilizers?

Organic or Natural Fertilizer is a substance that serves nutrients for growing plants and soil physical structure. These are made from natural plants, animal materials, and rock minerals. Not all fertilizers have the same amount of nutrients. There are majorly six nutrients that are incorporated in fertilizers and the proportions vary depending on the need and concentrations.

Whereas synthetic or chemical fertilizers may also have organic ingredients along with the chemical reactions. This fertilizer allows plants to grow quickly without enriching the soil and build up the toxic soil when overapplied. The major difference between organic and chemical fertilizer is the nutrient's origin.

Advantages of organic fertilizers:

Improves the soil structure:  Organic materials or fertilizers allow the soil to absorb water longer. These fertilizers can enrich the soil texture and increase the fungal and bacterial activity in the soil. Organic fertilizers not only help in growth of your plants but also it fortifies the soil structure.

Organic fertilizers promotes natural growth.

In gardening, the soil and plants have to get nutrition when they need it. Organic fertilizers work slowly to pump the nutrients for plants growth and soil physical structure. Synthetic fertilizers on the other hand are speedy and overfeed the plants causing damage to plants. These fertilizers do nothing to help for soil benefits.

Organic fertilizers are safe and secure:

Organic fertilizers include manure, plant debris, kelp, and other organic matters. These do not spoil the environment  and do not produce any harmful gasses like in chemical fertilizers. But synthetic fertilizers require fossil fuels, hazardous products to produce.

Microbes thrive in Organic fertilizers, die in synthetic fertilizers:

Organic fertilizers consist of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other microbes growing chemicals. These chemicals feed microbes and enable them to make nutrients naturally for plants' biological processes. On the other hand, synthetic fertilizers contain molecules without carbon and are not accessible to microbes.

Types of Organic Fertilizer

There are mainly two types of organic fertilizers: plant and animal.

Although, some call mineral fertilizers  as organic products. But, technically those are not considered organic. The fertilizers like compost, cottonseed meal, seaweed, or kelp are incorporated in the plant-based fertilizers. Compost can be easily made by yourself and it is an extremely helpful way to recycle waste materials.  However, compost doesn't have sufficient nutrients as it is made from plant materials. So you can supplement other fertilizers to the compost.

Animal-based fertilizers contain bat guano, fish meal, bone meal and live stock manure. It has a good amount of phosphorus, Nitrogen, and other trace nutrients.

However, Animal waste-based fertilizers can contain too much nitrogen if applied directly, and are high in salts, which can kill microbes (think of how salts are used to cure meats). You also need to be careful with manure, especially fresh manure; it can burn plant roots if not mixed in with compost.

Which fertilizers are the best?

It's quite obvious that organic fertilizers are the best kind of fertilizers to give your plants health a boost with love. At Casa de Amor, shop 100% organic fertilizers that gives strength to the plants roots and strengthen its producing capabilities.

-Special for all type of vegetable plants.
- Plant Growth Booster.
- Increase Flower & fruits & prevents fruit & flower drop.
- Stimulate root formation.
- Enhances plant growth, Balanced nutrition, quality and protects from diseases & pests.
- Improvises soil and aerates it through natural processes.
- Formulated to loosen heavy soils and enhance water retention.
- Boosts the immunity and resistance in plants against drought resistance, frost protection and stress recovery.
- Vegetable Special Fertilizer helps to increase the quality of the soil.
- Increase the fertility of the soil. It also helps to prevent the growth of nematodes and harmful pathogens.


Organic Fertilizers

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