Bird Mites Problem and How to Control it

Bird Mites Problem and How to Control it

This morning there was an email from a customer about the bird mites problem he is facing in his office.

"Hello I have a problem with bird mites in my office area. They are less than 1 mm in size and very tiny. I wanted to know if your product Eco Magic Dust will help me.


So i sent him this reply:

Hi Kapil,

Our Eco Magic Dust will certainly help you in the problem of bird mites. It is non-toxic and safe for your team. Pls dust it amply. 
Also i would suggest, please remove the bird nests from the office. Put some iron grill, bird net etc to ensure that in future they don't make nest there. 
I used to live in Mumbai a few years back and we also had bird mites due to pigeon nest (with small baby pigeons in it). One nest near our bedroom window outside and the whole bedroom became infested with bird mites. They are in thousands. Pls use Eco Magic Dust on the surfaces where the bird mites enter your office (window panes etc). 
And before that clean your furniture with a powerful vacuum cleaner to suck any mites that may be hiding in it.
Eco Magic Dust works best when the powder is dry.


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