Benefits of Gardening

Benefits of Gardening

In the hustle-bustle of life we have become robots - completely programmed human beings, technologically obsessed. The meaning of real happiness is changing for us. We are running after non-material things to seek pleasure, the feeling of accomplishment. We are forgetting the smile that crossed our lips when someone gave us flowers, the real ones (chuckling), the happiness we experienced when we saw the flowers bloom, the shade of the trees where we friends gathered and planned pranks and dreamt of the future.

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Today, we only search for the tree shade when we need to park our cars and then curse the government for not doing the needful. Come on dear ones let’s take some initiative for ourselves, our kids, our society and the world.

The monsoon season is starting and this the right time to plant a tree in the neighbourhood or to start a terrace garden or maybe a backyard garden.

Gardening is going to benefit us in the ways we can never even think of:

  • Better immunity :Let me start with our children. We want the best for them. Children love to play in mud, especially toddlers and it's scientifically proven that children who play in mud and dirt develop a better immune system than their counterparts. Come on! parents, why do we keep on forgetting that even we did the same and not only us but li’l KRISHNA also. I know everyone remembers the scene of whole universe inside his mouth after eating mud, BINGO!!!!. With time our children will become more healthy, happy and close to the nature. So, don’t wait and give your kids that space and if your children have grown up then involve them with you in developing the garden and strengthen the special bond between you two.

  • Fresh and Cheap food: Today, when we go for our grocery shopping we usually end up in the section labelled “ORGANIC”. I need not to discuss the value of this word to you but we all know we definitely want it on our dining table. With your own garden you are guaranteeing the authenticity of your food. Fresh from your garden to the table in minimum possible time. The longer the veggies and fruits takes from market to your table the more nutrients they are losing, sugars are being converted into starch and lesser the benefits you are getting. Moreover, when you grow your own food, you choose your own ingredients in terms of composts and soils and it's much cheaper. I bet you that nothing can beat the happiness, satisfaction you will get on in plucking these veggies and fruits from your garden.

  • Exercise : When we work in the garden, we dig the earth, we move the pots and planters from one location to the other, we squat for planting and weeding, engage ourselves in repetitive tasks just like the gym. In this manner we end up stretching our muscles and doing some strength training exercises. Next time take a close look at your gardener and you will understand the point I want to make.

  • Increase in our level of Happiness: There has been a study with two groups. One group was asked to read a book in the garden and the other group was asked to do the same in a closed room. There was a remarkable difference in the output of the
  • two groups. The group which went to the garden was better and more relaxed in the study. On the other hand the secretion of stress hormone was more in the second group as compared to the first one.

    There is also the presence of a micro-organism “Mycobacterium vaccae” in the soil which aids in the secretion of serotonin hormone, a hormone that boosts our mood. It’s much better if we work with bare hands in the garden rather than wearing the gloves.

    Moreover, your taste buds will be a better judge of the reward you get from your garden and will take you down the memory lane. You will relish the sweet and rich taste of your efforts!!!!

    Every time the food is on the table I get more closer to my mum, as the taste of the food is the same. This will even make our children responsible and develop healthy eating habits. My children get excited when they are asked to sow a seed, fertilise the plants, pluck a tomato or a bean, even to pull out the weeds. They even teach me so many things while working together. This is one way of spending quality time with your family, breaking the ice!!!

    1. Reduction in the hospital visits: Our lifestyle is becoming sedentary in the offices as well as homes. We have increased helping hands for us and in lieu of that we are glued to our cosy sofas or beds, disconnected and leading a very unnatural lifestyle. And we are all well aware that this is one major reason of the rising cases of obesity, diabetes, heart ailments etc. Healthcare budgets have increased for the families. This is one area where none of us likes to spent or visit.

    As mentioned earlier, gardening is definitely going to be a boon for you and your children. Not only you are caring for the plants, they also make sure to bless you with their produce, health and happiness.

    1. Development of social circle: Now, you will get to know more people. While working in your terrace garden, you can connect to the neighbours. You can even offer them the fresh food from the garden. Believe me, some veggies grow like crazy. Then you will be joining some organic gardening groups for suggestions and help. Since man is a social animal, you will definitely enjoy making new friends. Sharing and caring will take place and then you become more connected to the society.
    1. Gardening is a “stress buster”: One of the habit this 21st century has given us is to stay stressed. We have become so habitual to it that it’s absence reminds us of the Everest Masala Advertisement “Taste Kahan Hai” ;)). All of us need to relax and let go the stuff that is not important. I remember my 4 year old daughter telling me “ Mummy I am really stressed.” On repeatedly asking and after her getting the feeling of being important, she showed me a one page homework. For our kids to loosen up, we need to be the same way. My daughter was actually imitating me. This hobby of gardening gives us new goals and keep the brains engaged and happy.

    1. Improves your environment :  We all love and admire greenery. We love to visit homes with a garden and enjoy sitting there because it offers us relaxation, a cool breeze and unconditional services.The memories of such a serene place lasts in our hearts forever. One more secret is that gardens even increase the monetary values of our homes. Gardens make our homes not only look beautiful but even reflect the images of the people who live in it. These people have good taste, they are responsible or they must be kind and nice…...are the remarks people get who own a garden.

    In terms of science, we already know that the plants absorb carbon emissions and in return supply us with pure oxygen, control soil erosion, reduces pollution etc.

    Gardening gives you lot of opportunities every moment, you will be surprised by the pleasure you will get by getting hands on training in it. Your garden will be a great teacher,it will keep you on your toes bringing back the memories of your childhood. It is going to bring you closer to yourself. Maybe, down the line your grandchildren and great grandchildren will be so proud to say…’s our grandma’s or grandpa’s garden. They will cherish your memories forever, with love.

    Happy Gardening !!!!!

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