10 Most Common Gardening Questions Answered!

10 Most Common Gardening Questions Answered!

Q 1: What is the best way to turn my balcony into a garden space?
To convert a balcony into a beautiful garden space, use the wall space, the grill area and a part of floor space. Add plants and some wall décor to add vibrance. One can also make use of artificial grass to create a sitting arrangement.

Q 2: Which are the best indoor plants?
Indoor plants do not need too much sun, thus can stay in shade or semi shade areas. Easy to maintain are Arica Palm, Chrolophtym, Syngonnium, money plant etc. They also are great air purifiers.

Q 3: I love flowering plants but since most of them are seasonal, I don't knowwhat to do with those pots in the other half of the year?
Since summer flowering plants have different varieties and winter flowering plants have others, pots can be re-used. But if you are growing/keeping only winter seasonal flowers then during the summers, the pots will be empty. You can either store them or give them back to nursery. The best however is to grow greens like Palak, Methi, Coriander, Mint in them for that period.

Q 4: Any daily gardening tips to maintain plants?
The only mantra of gardening the perfect way is to check your plant before watering. If it’s dry, then water thoroughly. If it is wet then let it be. Plants do not need to be watered every day.

Q 5: Which plants work best in pots?
Plants with shallow roots works best in pots.

Q 6: Which is better - planters or planting in the soil?
Growing in planter or in Potting Soil is dependent on space, time and resources available at ones disposal. But Bonsai can grow only in planter and trees in ground.

Q 7: Which plants necessarily need moss support?
Moss grass is used to reduce evaporation in a pot. Avoid using it in cacti and succulents which like dry conditions.

Q 8: Does putting decorative pebbles in the planter hamper a plant's health?
Yes, Decorative Pebbles stones hamper the plant's health since they do not let the soil breathe and tend to suffocate the roots of the plant.

Q 9: How often do you recommend fertilizing?

If the plant is potted in good Potting Soil, fertilizing can be done twice a year for perennial plants. Organic Fertilizers are best for plants growing.

Q 10: How often should we replace soils in pots?
Pots in Potting Soil should be replaced once a year either in Feburary or during the rainy season.


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