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Casa De Amor

CasaFresh Dutch Bucket System for Hydroponics - 3 Buckets - for Larger Root Vegetables

CasaFresh Dutch Bucket System for Hydroponics - 3 Buckets - for Larger Root Vegetables

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  • AVAILABILITY : 3 Large root plants both fruiting and flowers can be grown. Trellis is available to add on.
  • IDEAL: Leafy Greens, Herbs, Decorative Plants
  • MIXING: No Pesticide, Insecticide is required. Fresh Clean food. Made for organic purposes.
  • CONVENIENT: Easy to assemble and maintain.


Cause - 27 Celcius; nothing will grow above this temperature as its too hot for the plants.

Solution - Move the unit out of the heat and into a cooler area. If that is not possible immediately add cubes of ice to cool the water (short-term solution)


Cause - Seeds usually have a 60% germination rate. And even then if the conditions are not perfect - they sometimes don't sprout.

Solution - Germinate seeds in cocopeat (provided in the Tashi line). For the smaller systems - try germinating in potting soil / buy saplings from the market. If germinating at home remember to germinate 5 times more seeds than required. Chose the healthiest ones to transplant the eat the rest as Microgreens!


pH - pH is the acidity of water. In hydroponics, we need a slightly acidic medium to grow our plants.

CAUSE - The pH of the water in your unit can change (and fluctuate). This can be due to many reasons. If the pH is above 6.5 (i.e. - the water is basic) the plants will not be able to absorb any of the nutrients and will eventually starve and die

SOLUTION - pH strips can be used for measuring and pH down can be used to lower the pH. The Tashi line includes pH measuring instruments. For the smaller systems, a simple pH paper can be used (Litmus paper) to gauge the pH of the water. If the water is too basic - add some pH down (or some household acidic product like a lemon/vinegar) to maintain the pH of the water.

Nutrient level - EC

EC (electrical conductivity). This is the number of nutrients in the water. Other terms used here are ppm and TDS.

CAUSE - The EC of the water in your unit can change as the plants take up nutrients. For healthy growth, we need to keep the EC constant (keep adding more nutrients into the water as the plant grows). In case of low EC, your plants will start showing decay and will eventually starve. Higher EC can result in plant burn

SOLUTION - If you follow the instruction of the nutrients clearly - you should have no problem. For the larger Tashi line up we include an EC pen to measure the nutrients and for the smaller systems.

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