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Casa De Amor NPK 19 19 19 Fertilizer for Plants and Gardening All Purpose Plant Food

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  • Water-soluble fertilizer. A good fertilizer for plants has all nutrient NPK 19:1919 fertilizer provides all the essential nutrients by plant – Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous(P) and Potassium (K)
  • All essential nutrients for plants. helps in the growth of stems, flowers and buds Help in beautiful flower blooming.
  • The nutrients for vegetative growth in stems, roots particularly during the early stages, root growth, seed and flower formation, bud growth and ripening of fruits
  • Add more NPK Fertilizer if plants look pale (color of the leaf turns light) and during the flowering stage
  • Start with a small number of fertilizers and increase gradually. Increase frequency with age (or size) of the plant's NOTE: adding excess NPK can burn the plants.

NPK fertilizer is a complex fertilizer comprised primarily of the three primary nutrients required for healthy plant growth. The agriculture industry relies heavily on the use of NPK fertilizer to meet the global food supply and ensure healthy crops. Nitrogen Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for numerous plant functions and is one of the elemental components of chlorophyll. Nitrogen fuels vegetative growth, particularly the foliage, stems and branches. Plants can deplete the soil of nitrogen, leaching from the soil faster than any other element. If your plants have yellowing leaves or appear stunted with poor growth, the soil may lack nitrogen. By using a soil test kit, you can determine which element may be missing in your soil. Phosphorus A stimulant for root growth, seed and flower formation, phosphorus is most available to plants when the soil pH is between 5.5 and 7. The pH refers to the acid or alkaline level of the soil and can range from 0 to 15 with 7 regarded as neutral.