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Casa De Amor Peat Moss for growing acid loving plants

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Size: 900 gm
  • Main Components: Slightly to moderately decomposed peat moss without the addition of fertilizer or lime. 
  • pH (H2O): 3.5-4.5 (EN 13037)
  • Storage: Cool & Dry
  • Peat Media for growing acid-loving plants.
  • Peat Moss has a remarkable ability to manage water efficiently.
  • Add to Gardens Soil, Potting Soil, Compost, or Favorite Mix. It holds on to nutrients that would otherwise leach out of the soil
  • It is an excellent media for starting seeds and making potting soil. Plants love to grow in Casa De Amor Peat Moss
  • Increases aeration and the ability of the soil to "breathe", while reducing run-off and extending the time between watering.
  • Encourages vigorous biological growth in the soil and on plant roots.

Peat moss is considered one of the best media for container growing of flowering plants and vegetables. Peat mixed with other amendments like perlite, vermiculite, Zeolite, etc., are used for different horticultural applications.

Some very desirable plants like rhododendrons, azaleas, and blueberries demand acidic soil and many gardeners have alkaline soil which is not suitable to grow these plants. The most common solution I’ve seen is to mix peat moss with the soil to produce an acidic environment.

Peat moss is acidic so it makes sense that if you add some to your soil, the resulting soil will also be more acidic. Peat moss does make the soil very loose and airy – something Rhododendrons like, so maybe this extra aeration is the reason peat moss works.

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