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Casa De Amor Black Soil,Enriched with Organic Fertilizer for Home, Terrace, Indoor & Outdoor Garden

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Original price Rs. 399.00
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Original price Rs. 399.00
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Current price Rs. 285.00
Weight (Click for Discounts): 2 Kg

  • Completely Dry Back Soil
  • The Soil Ph Value Exactly Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Garden Plants
  • Casa De Amor Black Soil well aerated and well drained while still being able to retain enough moisture for plant growth.
  • Enhances plants growth.

1. Completely organic and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

2. Contains micro and macro nutrients.

3. Has good water holding capacity.

4. Its anti-fungal property helps the plants to grow healthy.

5. Contains microbes which enhance the soil properties

5. Ready to Use.

7. Good for saplings.

8. Good Texture

9. Good water holding capacity.

100% Organic Back Soil

Our Black soil is purely organic and 100% chemical free. It contains microbes which enhance soil properties. So there is no risk of health hazards

Contains micro and macro nutrients

Our soil contains micro and macro-nutrients which are essential for the growth of plants. Nutrient-rich soil helps the plant give a good yield.


Importance of soil

As you all know, growing medium plays a very important role in the growth of a plant. The soil is one of the essential components to grow plants. It serves as the main source of nutrients for the plants. You need to select an appropriate growing medium for the plants which you have selected to grow. In today's concrete world, it is difficult to get the soil to grow plants. If at all you get the soil, it might not contain the required nutrients in it. You need to select good soil to place the saplings. Nutrient-rich soil helps the plant give a good yield.