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Casa De Amor

Casa De Amor Clorinaxx Bleaching Powder For Household & Kitchen Cleaning, Disinfectant Spray to Kill Fungus, Germs, Bacteria, Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Overhead Tank Cleaner and Multi Uses

Casa De Amor Clorinaxx Bleaching Powder For Household & Kitchen Cleaning, Disinfectant Spray to Kill Fungus, Germs, Bacteria, Floor Cleaner, Toilet Cleaner, Overhead Tank Cleaner and Multi Uses

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  • Bleaching Powder for Stain Removal Cloth Whitening Agent and Remove Stains from Fabrics and Various Surfaces.
  • Bleaching Powder for Bathroom, Toilet Cleaning, Kitchen Floor, Basin, Wash Area.
  • Used To Clean Underground Sumps and Overhead Tanks.
  • It Is Also Used as A Disinfectant for Water to Make It Germ-free.
  • Bleaching Powder for Bathroom Cleaning Take Equal Parts of Bleach and Water, Mix Thoroughly. Spray It on The Bathroom Tiles with A Sprayer. Rinse Off After 15 Minutes. Your Bathroom Tiles Will Not Only Be Clean and Shining but Also Free From Germ.

Bleaching powder is one of the most underrated ingredients in your household. Most people stock up bleach and use it sparingly. They use bleach only to whiten clothes and in some cases to clean up some difficult corners of their homes.

  • Always dilute the bleach with water when cleaning surfaces. When washing clothes, you can pour bleach directly into the washing machine with enough water on it. Water in the machine eventually dilutes the bleach inside.
  • Always clean the surface to be cleaned with water and detergent before using bleach on it.
  • Remember to let the bleach solution contact the cleaned surface for a maximum of five minutes before rinsing and letting it dry.
  • There is also a type of bleach designed to be color-safe. It uses hydrogen peroxide in removing stains rather than sodium hypochlorite. It protects the colors and will also brighten them.
  • Bleach is an all-around cleaning agent that is tough on germs and removes stubborn mildew and mold.
  • The bleach dilution must be one part of bleach to ten parts of water, or you can have a tablespoon of bleach to a gallon of water.

As a Disinfectant

Bleach can be a great agent to get rid of tiny pests from your kitchen. Mix 2tbsp of bleach powder in water and spray it around your kitchen. In fact, you can clean your garbage cans with bleaching powder.

As a Sanitizer

The use of bleach as a sanitizer is not very well known. But it is very useful for sterilizing instruments like knives, forks, choppers, and even garden implements.

Clean Iron and Steel

You can clean the insides of your appliances like washing machines and microwaves with this cleansing agent. It removes water stains instantly.

Shine Porcelain & Glass

Even your best crockery starts losing shine after using it regularly for a certain period. Scrub your porcelain and glass dishes with lemon juice and use bleach to brighten them.

Clean Plastic

Did you know that bleaching powder is a great cleaning agent for plastic? If you have light plastic furniture at home, mix detergent with bleach and scrub your dirty plastic chairs.

Clean Away Molds

Molds usually appear all over your house during the damp rainy season. Where ever you see molds; be it your clothes, calls, or furniture, sprinkle some dry bleaching powder in it.

As a Toilet and Floor Cleaner

Bleaching powder is a powerful cleaning agent used to disinfect and clean bathrooms. Dirty bathroom surfaces easily get sparkly clean using this effective powder.

Clear Moss From Walls

Moss can sometimes spoil the beauty of your walkways or windows. Use some bleach to scrub it away and it will not come back for a long time.

As A Weed Killer

Weeding your pathways regularly can be a real pain. Sometimes, the weed also starts growing from the cracks on the walls. Sprinkle some bleaching powder on these weeds and watch them wilt away.

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